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Footsies is a podcast created by Foot Cardigan co-founders Bryan DeLuca and Matt McClard. Sometimes they talk about making socks and business-y things. Sometimes it might get real weird. One thing is certain: Nothing is certain. Mmmm, deep.

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    Episode 1.5 - Five Years

    Foot Cardigan is 5 years old and Bryan and Matt talk allllllll about it, looking at the last 5 years and looking ahead to the next 5. They also talk about how business is really hard, sports Bryan shouldn't be playing and their connection to Macklemore.

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    Episode 1.4 - 6 Months In, 6 Months Out

    Bryan and Matt talk about being half-way through the year, new designs, new site, the Mean Girls license, and all the planning that goes into the last part of the year. They also talk about opportunities for meeting different sock needs, give an exclusive for a new product that will be launching very soon, and say "EXCLUSIVE" 87 times.

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    Episode 1.3 - Bryan & Matt Get Buzzed

    What is Synergy? No, seriously, doyouevenknow? Bryan & Matt talk about "buzz words" in business, talk about Armadillos wearing socks, and discuss some peeps they look up to in business. Matt also spends a very long time trying to find a quote to read. It's a really good quote though, so totes worth it.

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    Episode 1.2 - Wyrd-Deuxs

    Episode 2 of Footsies has the guys discussing "weird" and what that means to them. They also go into the history of the most important foot item ever known to mankind... The Sock. And who would Bryan and Matt be if they didn't talk about cuddling?

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    Episode 1.1 - Weirdos Welcome

    OMGdjiohwfef!!! Bryan and Matt are back! Can you say relaunch? We hope so. The guys talk about everything that’s important in life – hosiery, Power Rangers, knitting puns. They also discuss “business” stuff because ya’ know, they run a business and whatnot. This new episode is all about “Weirdos Welcome” so stick around, slip on your most comfy socks and leopard-print romper, and let’s get this podcast party started.

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    Episode 007: New year, new droids

    In Episode 007, Bryan and Matt pretend like they know how to plan for growth. They also pretend like they know how the lottery works. Ultimately, they fire all their employees because they didn’t help them come up with a topic for this week’s podcast. One of the many perks of capitalism.

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    Episode 006: Lightning in a Bottle of Fake Tan

    Yay. Footsies made it six whole episodes. We’re like professionals or not or something. In this episode,  Bryan and Matt talk about holiday time as an e-commerce/retailer/online business/whatever Foot Cardigan is. If this episode doesn’t make sense, it’s probably because we’re drowning in whatever the eggnog version of being an e-commerce company in December is.

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    Episode 005: Correlation ≠ Causation and other conspiracies

    After not doing a podcast since before the podcast was invented, Bryan and Matt give the REAL reason why they’ve been MIA: laziness. Well, that and Foot Cardigan was on Shark Tank a few weeks ago. So yeah, they discuss that and what happens moving forward now that millions of people have seen them in their underwear.

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