Footsies Podcast

Footsies Podcast

Footsies is a podcast created by Foot Cardigan co-founders Bryan DeLuca and Matt McClard. Sometimes they talk about making socks and business-y things. Sometimes it might get real weird. One thing is certain: Nothing is certain. Mmmm, deep.

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    Episode 006: Lightning in a Bottle of Fake Tan

    Yay. Footsies made it six whole episodes. We’re like professionals or not or something. In this episode,  Bryan and Matt talk about holiday time as an e-commerce/retailer/online business/whatever Foot Cardigan is. If this episode doesn’t make sense, it’s probably because we’re drowning in whatever the eggnog version of being an e-commerce company in December is.

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    Episode 005: Correlation ≠ Causation and other conspiracies

    After not doing a podcast since before the podcast was invented, Bryan and Matt give the REAL reason why they’ve been MIA: laziness. Well, that and Foot Cardigan was on Shark Tank a few weeks ago. So yeah, they discuss that and what happens moving forward now that millions of people have seen them in their underwear.

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