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Footsies is a podcast created by Foot Cardigan co-founders Bryan DeLuca and Matt McClard. Sometimes they talk about making socks and business-y things. Sometimes it might get real weird. One thing is certain: Nothing is certain.

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    Episode 1.17 - Footsies Book Club #1

    Oh my gosh, you guys, we're back! We took an unscheduled week long break as we moved to our brand-spanking new location. Did you miss us?..... well, did you?! In this episode, Bryan and Matt hold the first ever Footsies Podcast Book club. Or should we say Berk Clurrrrb? That has a good ring to it! Anywho, enjoy the different perspectives of these two bearded men!

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    Minisode #1 - Pavlovian

    Ack! Things are a bit cray-cray right now with Foot Cardigan. We're moving to a new office and warehouse so the guys are just checking in with y'all this week for our first Minisode. Bryan and Matt talk about some upcoming movies and some other random things like Pavlov and candy. They'll be back next week with a special Book Club Episode on October 12th!

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    Episode 1.16 - Sock Process

    Bryan and Matt speak in depth about Hip-Hop, R&B and your different tastes in music. They then decide to go into what they were really supposed to talk about in this episode, the Sock Process. They discuss the creative process, mistakes made previously, and a little about manufacturing. They also introduce a new fun segment - "interesting yet completely useless facts." See ya' on the Flipside!

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    Episode 1.15 - Doing Business in Dallas

    Bryan and Matt talk about what it's like to do business in Dallas versus a larger city like NYC or San Francisco. Does the city you live in and do business in really even matter? They also drink adult beverages while announcing the book they'll be reading for their first Footsies Book Club!

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    Episode 1.14 - Random-Sites

    Welcome to episode 1.14 of the Footsies Podcast, yay! Bryan and Matt talk about some helpful sites you never knew you always wanted in your life. They also spend probably too much time talking about what Disney Princess they like the most.

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    Episode 1.13 - Inc. Magazine - We Made the List

    Bryan and Matt talk about how awesome it is that Foot Cardigan is #270 on Inc. Magazines list of 5,000 fastest growing companies in America! Two-Hundred-Seventy!! So magical, guys! They also discuss Matt's obsession with Destiny II and Bryan being banned by his wife from couples massages.

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    Episode 1.12 - New Kid, Who Dis?

    Bryan is back from paternity leave so he and Matt talk about family-work-life balance. Advice for new parents is given, thoughts are had, and the guys discuss embracing your hobbies.

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    Episode 1.11 - A Convo with Hope-A-Dope

    Bryan decided to bail on us for this episode so he could go spend time with his new baby (excuses). So Matt takes the lead and decided to do a very special interview with one of Foot Cardigan's most valued employees - Hope Eichberger! They talk about how Hope is the trendiest person at FC, her love the the Texas State Fair, and how you too can have custom socks made.

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    Episode 1.10 - Brands and Personalities

    Bryan and Matt discuss business-y stuff like company goals, personality of brands, and figuring out how the two connect. They also talk about sexy balance sheets, disrupting professional sports teams, and some possibly scandalous feelings about the Rolling Stones and the Beatles (gasp).

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    Episode 1.9 - Big Announcement

    Bryan and Matt discuss some big Foot Cardigan news and our partnership with new investor Detail Provisions Co! The guys talk about how this came about, what it means for Foot Cardigan, and how this is a big foot forward for us. They also talk to their first special guest, Paul Song. #Exclusive

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