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Bryan and Matt kick off the Footsies podcast and clearly have no idea what they are doing. They should just quit now and keep making socks. Or maybe, just maybe, this thing has a chance to become mildly entertaining and provide a smidgen of valuable content. But probably not.

Sho’ nuff Sho’ notes

  • Alto’s Adventure and OlliOlli are games that might create an addiction.
  • Check out Product Hunt EVERY DAY. Don’t ask questions. Just do it.
  • The Drop is where you can find your next favorite EDM jam.
  • Jelly Donuts are where it’s at.
  • We co-founded Foot Cardigan. Fantastically fantastic socks delivered to your
    mailbox every month!
  • Bryan & Matt are both part of the Twitterverse and we are all made of stars.