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Bryan and Matt say the word ‘brand’ like 500 times in this episode, because they’re talking about the Foot Cardigan brand. Duh. They also ponder things like the magic of GIF’s, not talking about things they can’t talk about and fart muffins.

Sho’ nuff Sho’ notes

  • We have an obsession with GIF’s. Giphy is a good place to get them.
  • Hey, look at this awesome picture Adam Fish took of us.
  • Howler Brothers and Warby Parker are two of our favorite brands.
  • Unplug and hang out with people IRL
  • We co-founded Foot Cardigan. Fantastically fantastic socks delivered to your
    mailbox every month!
  • Bryan & Matt are both part of the Twitterverse and we are all made of stars.