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In Episode 007, Bryan and Matt pretend like they know how to plan for growth. They also pretend like they know how the lottery works. Ultimately, they fire all their employees because they didn’t help them come up with a topic for this week’s podcast. One of the many perks of capitalism.

Sho’ nuff Sho’ notes

  • As a correction Matt’s top 5 droids are…
    1. BB-8
    2. R2-D2
    3. Guilty Spark
    4. WALL-E
    5. Johnny-5
  • Matt’s man crush John Boyega, from that Star Wars movie, was in another movie called Attack the Block. Check it out.
  • Parks and Rec Season 7 is now (FINALLY) on Netflix
  • Also, on Netflix is that quirky, adorable show Detectorists
  • We co-founded Foot Cardigan. Fantastically fantastic socks delivered to your
    mailbox every month!
  • Bryan & Matt are both part of the Twitterverse and we are all made of stars.